What an incredible year it has been!

Kickstarted by a joyous celebration of Regal@10 we kept up the momentum all through to provide the best in coaching & coach training. Here are a few key milestones from 2023.

  • We spearheaded a consortium of coaches to support our coaching community and make quality coaching more accessible.
  • In a breakaway from company sponsored LAC programs, we conducted 3 successful open batch LAC programs.
  • We conducted our first international Coach Training Programme (ICF ACC) in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Your love and support as a client, community, and society have brought us thus far. And we thought the best way to express gratitude is to pay it forward. As we grow as an organization and community, our commitment to empowering the hidden potential of individuals, societies & our planet just got more audacious!

Regal Unlimited Vision For 2024

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Regal Unlimited’s vision for 2024 is focused on giving back to society. We aim to impact various communities positively through a series of initiatives.

We will start by sponsoring free education for 12 children in rural areas with the help of the ‘Each One Educate One’ Foundation.

Secondly, we plan to feed 120 rescued pets through the ‘Charlies Animal Rescue Centre (CARE)’.

To tackle the impact of global warming, we will be planting 1200 trees with the help of the Cauvery Calling Initiative.

Lastly, we aim to provide breakfast to 12000 government school-going children through the Annapoorna Trust; their motto is “Let no child go to school hungry ever”.

We will be volunteering on the 12th of every month in 2024.

Upcoming Events

Half-Yearly Credentialed Coaches

Kudos to our Coaches on receiving their ICF Credentials! A moment of great pride for the Regal Unlimited Community.

We thank our Mentor-Coaches, Rekha Hatkanagalekar, Subramani Balakrishnan, Swaminathan V., Dayalanie Abeygunawardena, Priya Sundaram, Manoj Keshav, Swaraj Mishra, Pattabiraman Nagarajan, Meena Venkataraman, J. Lakshminarayanan, & Srinath Ramakrishnan, who have been a great support in achieving this milestone. We are grateful to our community of Regal Unlimited Coaches, for without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Regal Live Series

We thank PK Narayanan and John Serrao for the insightful and inspiring sessions that has helped in widening the knowledge and adding a variant to our perspectives.

If you want to upskill your Coaching? Join us!

PK Narayanan, John Serrao, and I will be facilitating the 5th Edition of Coaching Unlimited, a 3-day residential programme to enhance your coaching competencies and business skills, so that you could a become commercially successful coach.

Leader As Coach Programme

We thank Debi Prasad Das for the collaboration of Potential Infinity and Regal Unlimited, which helped us in facilitation 3 editions of Leader As Coach programme in a smooth manner.

Our Podcasts

#1 Coaching For All

Coaching For All, is a podcast by the Regal Coaching Consortium, where we revolutionise coaching and enable you to unravel your greatest potential. We are a community of coaches committed to making impactful Coaching accessible to all.

Through this podcast, we connect with ICF-credentialed coaches on our global platform and get expert tips, inspiring stories, and valuable insights to take your growth to the next level.

Want to get better at leading, working, parenting, or living a fulfilling life? We have a Regal Coach for every goal & aspiration!

Can life coaching really be a game-changer? Rekha Hatkanagalekar, a seasoned leader and life coach introduces us to the possibilities of life coaching and its transformative impact on people.

#2 All About Coaching

“All About Coaching” is an effort to spread awareness of pure & classical coaching. Coaching from the State of Being, where the client and coach move towards their full potential at all levels. This series of talks is relevant and highly beneficial for leaders, executives, professionals, and parents.

From Golden Handcuffs to the Golden Egg – Holistic Measures to Retain Your CXOs. Tune into this episode of All About Coaching with Subash CV.