Why Technological Leaders Take ICF Certification?


Topics covered in the webinar

  • What is Agile Coaching?
  • The CORE Coaching competencies of ICF and their relevance for Agile Methodology
  • The circle of influence for Agile Leaders 
  • Merging the Agile Philosophy with ICF Coaching competencies
  • How can Agile leaders embody the Coaching Mindset
  • Merging the SCIENCE of Coaching with the ART of Coaching
  • Merging Process Coaching (Agile) with Behavioral Coaching (ICF Coaching)

Publish Date: 23/04/2022


Brief Summary of the Webinar

As an Agile Coach – are you truly coaching? How can ICF Certified Coach Training help you amplify your team’s performance and even accelerate your Agile Career?

In this webinar Subash CV (ICF-MCC, Founder Regal Unlimited) and Akhilesh Chaturvedi (An Agile Practitioner, Expert and an ICF Coach) talk at length about how Agile Professionals can become better Coaches through ICF Coach Certification and Coach Training

They discuss what Agile Coaches normally and bring to the table the references from Agile Coaching Institute Framework. Then they move on to link the true COACHING.

They mention that most of the time Agile Leaders are mentoring, teaching, facilitating the activities in their teams, but they assume that they are coaching… Akhilesh stresses the point that Coaching in true spirit is not well demonstrated in the Agile world. Agile leaders wear various hats, that of the mentor, trainer, consultant but seldom wear the hat of a TRUE COACH

Subash and Akhilesh discuss the Coaching Competencies at length. They bring together the Lean-Agile practices and the Coaching competencies. They seamlessly integrate the technical process and the people ‘values’ through Coaching.

They put focus on the qualities of an Agile Coach (as promulgated by the ICF)

● Coaches ask versus tell

● Coaches command change rather than demand change

● Coaches hold the space versus hijack the limelight

● Coaches keep the Client at the center

● Coaches are intrigued about the behaviors and not about the processes alone

They beautifully mention how Agile Professionals can embody the Coaching Mindset & move beyond the process-centric to people-centric interventions. Know thy-self – Coach Individuals & Teams åt the source and not at a superficial level.

Throughout the talk, Subash and Akhilesh give practical examples from corporate life on Agile Coaching and ICF Coaching competencies. They discuss Coaching tools, techniques & competencies that can help forge trustworthy relationships within your team. The coaching mindset is selfless – about the ‘CLIENT’ and not about the COACH.

Enjoy this enriching conversation (whether you are an Agile/Scrum professional or not) to know the INs and OUTs of how to become an ICF Coach

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