Webinar With Janet Harvey : ICF Team Coach


Topics covered in the webinar

  • Why Teams and Individuals matter?
  • Anatomy of Team Coaching Engagements.
  • Difference between a Coach and a Facilitator
  • Team Coaching outcome : Foster autonomy
  • Defining Generative Team Coaching 
  • Role & Principles of team coaching

Publish Date: 24/09/2019


Brief Summary of the Webinar

Janet Harvey is a renowned Coach, a Visionary, an author and an eloquent Speaker. She awakens the leader within and helps people delve deep to lead wholesome lives. She chooses to term Team Coaching as 1 to Many (1:Many). She begins the webinar by telling us she started to coach Teams at a time when Coaching was beginning to differentiate itself from Mentoring, Training or Change Management interventions.

Janet emphasizes that the emotional and social intelligence of the teams are extremely important and it cannot be ignored for teams to perform in synergy with the organizational goals. She explains in detail why teams and individuals matter within Organizations. Janet says that it is the prerogative of the Coaches to help teams operate in safe  and secure spaces. It should be the Coach’s endeavour to know what keeps the teams motivated and how often they get into those moments of motivation. 

She also talks of the anatomy of team coaching engagements in detail. She says these engagements nurture the teams besides helping them to realize the purpose of their existence. It is also the responsibility of the leaders to keep the teams nourished and free from skepticism.

In this webinar, Janet draws out the differences between a Coach and a facilitator. A Team Coach uses powerful questioning to help teams become aware of the choices teams make. She says that the outcome of team Coaching must foster autonomy. In an effective team interaction there is a level playing field and hierarchy is softened. Once a team has attained autonomy it is ready to take on the responsibility of taking action.

As Coaches we are opening clients to many possibilities through the power of questioning. This probably can disrupt certain habits but can infuse action to realize the shared purpose of the organization.

The webinar takes you through the entire gamut of team coaching and the outcomes for organizations.

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