Tactical Storytelling to Hook Your Client


Topics covered in the webinar

  • Basic objective of all storytelling
  • 4 conditions for effective communication
  • Ways make a story memorable, relevant and
  • Tips to hold the attention of the audience
  • Effective storytelling in written commuication

Publish Date: 28/07/2020


Brief Summary of the Webinar

How can you tell the perfect story to sell Yourself or your product?

Prof. Neil Bearden unravels the plot in this riveting webinar.  The MD of PlotWolf and Associate Professor of Decision Science at INSEAD teaches tactical storytelling to start-up founders, CEOs and businesses all over the world.

Everyone loves a good story. And story telling can be a powerful means of communication to achieving your goal. The basic objective of story-telling is to improve the chances that people will remember what you SAY so they will be interested in what you SELL. 

The secret to making a story memorable are –

  • Get your audience’s attention by beginning with something interesting and emotionally appealing.
  • Once that is done,  keep the ‘Gate of Attention’ open throughout.
  • Skip all unnecessary bits. Communicate only what is important.
  • Make sure your audience understands what your say. The picture in your audience’s mind has to match the picture in your mind.
  • Make your message memorable
  • Make your message simple enough to be retold by your audience to others.
  • Stop when you know the Gate of Attention is shut.

Prof. Bearden weaves these ingredients into his talk to practically show us how we can be masterful storytellers.

Are you a leader, business owner, coach, teacher, parent, or anyone who wants to create a memorable, immortal message that crystallizes your goals? Then tactical storytelling is your tool to glory. Watch this fantastic and riveting webinar on story telling for leaders, coaches & parents with a Master Story Teller!

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