Regal Unlimited’s Webinar on Resilience During A Time of Change


Topics covered in the webinar

  • Definition of Resilience
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • The Four quadrants of EQ to manage awareness
  • 26 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Healthy relationship with Self
  • Overcoming guilt
  • Self awareness
  • The emotional side to Change
  • How do you care for physical well-being, Spiritual well-being and Mental well-being

Publish Date: 23/06/2020


Brief Summary of the Webinar

Regal Unlimited’s webinar on Resilience During A Time Of Change highlights the importance of building resilience especially during the present times by drawing on the strength of our inner-self. 

Cathy Mott in this Webinar outlines the many ways to build  resilience and focuses on building Emotional Intelligence. Cathy Mott is a PCC, an executive coach helping Organizations create better leaders and a published author.

The webinar is extremely invigorating as she draws examples from her own personal life on how to bounce back in spite of many hiccups life might throw at you. Mott patiently guides the participants to traverse the path to self-discovery to recognise the importance of self-care and build a resilient self which can bear positive impacts on one’s social relationships.

She says, resilience is the ability to bounce back, resume a normal shape or sometimes perhaps create a new norm.

She emphasizes the need to tap into our personal power in order to bounce back. Mott also mentions that each of us has the ability to be strong and buoyant. She makes a mention of Daniel Coleman where he states that Emotional Quotient is four times more important for success than intelligence quotient. Cott says that IQ is what gets you hired while EQ is what gets you promoted.

She says it’s very important to give a name to our emotions, validate them, accept the same and learn to navigate them. It is very important to respond rather than react to our emotions. When you validate your emotion, it lessens the intensity and helps us to manage it well which can have a ripple effect in the sensewe will be able to have better social interactions.

Mott also discusses in detail the four quadrants of Emotional Intelligence — Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship management. When we are aware of our Self, we are able to manage ourselves better, which can result in empathizing with others and help us manage our relationships better too. She mentions that  body language constitutes 55% of human communication. Therefore, she says how important it is to recognise this to help us build bonds.

She says how self care is extremely important on the road to becoming resilient. She also says that one need not feel guilty to indulge in self care. Self care she says helps you in coming face to face with yourself, helps you experience a wide range of emotions and work through them. She also mentions that it is crucial to have a great relationship with self as it creates space to listen to our own Self.

She says there is more happiness in giving than receiving when our cup/bucket is full.

Lastly Cathy Mott also mentions the 4 components which constitute individual well-being and the many ways to fill these buckets to build resilience.

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