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ICF Certified Coach

ICF Certified Coach

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What is

ICF Coach Training Certification?

ICF credentials represent knowledge, accountability, and a strong ethical code regarding professional coaching. There are now over 50,000 ICF credentialed coaches worldwide, each of whom has undergone one of the above certifications. Besides honing their coaching skills, they have also achieved holistic professional fulfillment. Regal Unlimited has trained over 350 ICF-certified coaches and developed a close-knit community of like-minded individuals.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has been leading the evolution of professional coaching for nearly three decades and provides the following three ICF credentials.


Associate Certified Coach


Professional Certified Coach


Master Certified Coach

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Discovery Call

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Who is

ICF Coach Training For?

  • Practicing and aspiring coaches
  • Business leaders, Human Resources (HR) and line managers and L&D professionals
  • Tech professionals in areas Agile, Scrum Masters, etc.
  • Self-employed professionals including trainers, counsellors, and consultants
  • Business owners seeking to complement their leadership journey
  • All aspiring leaders

Why should you undertake

Certified ICF Coach Training?

Reasons why you should opt for a certified course from the International Coaching Federation:

The ICF coaching framework translates into enhanced productivity as your clients feel psychologically secure around you.

Enables you to develop the right attitude and skills that would help you place yourself in the market.

Enhances your credibility factor which in turn ensures customer-satisfaction.

Places you in an ever-expanding network of coaching professionals wherein you learn from your experience and that of the others.

Transforms you as an individual. The course not only provides you with ICF Credentials but also instils in you a proactive and optimistic outlook which helps you make the best of every situation!

Ensures Return on Investment with research showing that people & companies globally; prefer an ICF-credentialed coach over a non-certified coach.

ICF Associate Coach Certification

We support and handhold you throughout the ICF journey and beyond…

Become a Top Earning Coach in the industry

10 Hours of Mentoring by Master Coaches

60 Hours Coach Training
(48 hours synchronous)

5+ Assignments, Tools, Book Reviews & Recording Submissions

1 Online CKA test conducted by ICF

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Discovery Call

See how Regal Unlimited has helped over 300 professional coaches.

Schedule a

Discovery Call

Discovery Call

See how Regal Unlimited has helped over 300 professional coaches.

Learning Goals at the

ICF-ACC level

The curriculum is designed to embody the coaching mindset and Coach from the State of ‘Being’.

The curriculum stands to deliver at the confluence of Science, Art, and Practice of Coaching. Bringing together the best of the elements from research-backed psychology and the eastern philosophies. We aim to provide a wholesome learning environment for the coaches.

The curriculum is in alignment with the ICF-ACC Markers and stands to deliver ICF-ACC Coaching Competencies by the Coach Trainers.

Finally, a rigorous focus on the ‘practice’ of coaching will be undertaken to ensure the learning is endured. An ICF – ACC credentialing requires 100 Coaching Hours. We aim to provide an ecosystem for ICF-ACC Coaches to practice coaching hours.

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Hear What

People Are Saying

“Thank you so very much for being the angels”. Am blessed through your presence in my small, humble life.”

- Dr Ram

“Great experience. Love the freedom given to grow. And the support.”

– Supriya

“Was wonderful. Was coached for transcendence ! Hope I live upto it as a coach.”

– Shalini

“Truly happy to be part of this wonderful family. Great learnings and valuable insights. Excellent sessions.”

– Saraswati

“More practice sessions with feedback wrt PCC markers.”

– Bobby

“No replacement for classroom session. Subash & Priya are assets to Coacharya.”

– Siva

“Program was very good and fulfilled my expectation. The trainers displayed high empathy and commitment towards our learning. They also showed expertise and sharp observation/ feedback skills. Their patience and openness towards answering queries were exemplary.”

– Vivek Kaul

“Both Subash and Priya were good role models and also insightful in their observations on where we need to improve. Also stretched us to move us from ‘doing coaching’ to ‘being coach’. Subash was particularly inspiring and endearing with his humility and coaching presence.”

– Indu Bilaney

“Had a very good connect with the trainers. Subash’s depth and humility was extremely good to see. Priya brings her own value-add. Overall had a worthwhile experience.”

– Abhijit Bhabhe

“It was a very enriching experience. Practice sessions improved awareness of the process and outcome. Commitment of trainers – Very high.”

– Gayathri Sivaraman

“The Regal Unlimited coach training experience is wonderful. It is a transformational journey for me. I started using coaching skills in my daily life and started seeing results. The kind of support we get from regal unlimited for ICF credential is amazing as the coach mentors both Subash and Rekha are approachable, motivating and their way of giving feedback is stupendous.”

– Madhusudana Rao Gade

“Experience with REGAL has been engaging and insightful. I was able to learn the course with ease. kudos to the networking and learning avenues provided by our mentors. Peer connect was indeed a good platform to learn/unlearn. Thanks to the pandemic that we had fortnightly weekend virtual classes which otherwise would have been challenging from my actual work location. I was able to relook and assess overall aspects of life in a better way through the Coaching foundation..”

– Muralikrishnan B

“Choosing Regal Unlimited for this beautiful journey of Coaching has been one of my best decisions. It was a smooth transition and having a well-developed class and assignment structure had given me a better understanding of Coaching and lots of moments of self-transformation. Subash and Rekha as Mentors have evoked us leading to our introspection to make us good and ethical coaches for the Future. Thank you for everything.Thank you for making me a part of the Coaching Community, will try to contribute more towards the same. I met wonderful people on this journey and was able to make deep relationships with them. Wish to meet all my peer group members and mentors once the pandemic restrictions are over. All the very best to Regal Unlimited for their future endeavors!!!”

– Anupreet Vig

“My regal experience has been one of the most evolving journeys as an individual. Subash and Rekha helped me become vulnerable and seek myself out without even knowing I was doing that. The sessions were wonderfully curated with an end objective of helping us become coaches without really focusing on just being coaches. Looking forward to attending more sessions from them.Thanks a lot!!!

– Varsha Vijayaraghavan

“My experience has been great as a learner coach. The sessions by Subash and Rekha were done with “To perfection”. Bringing in new coaches to explain each competency helped a great deal as I was able to see the training through different eyes. Special thanks for restarting my reading habit and also my sessions as a client in my batch have made me open up and resolve multiple issues.”

– Vidhyanand V

“The experience has been great. The mentoring, course curriculum and admin support have been quite good and extremely supportive. There have been personal touches and the journey has been very engaging. Good co-active coaching could be made a part of the curriculum. The very balanced, respectful approach in interacting and facilitating sessions. Subash ensured ease and comfort and passed on feedback appropriately. Thoroughly enjoyed the balanced zen approach:) Rekha’s style of interacting and facilitating has been rather great! Empathetic, balanced, and ensured passing on the message well. Great mentors! ”

– Payel Purkayastha

“It has been a great experience with Regal. The approach was structured, yet with a lot of open space. Each session was highly interactive. In short – there was never a dull moment. Thank you Subhash and Rekha for your support. Your dynamic knowledge and experience across different areas have helped us go deep. I have personally learned how to link many different aspects of life in conversations from them.”

– Swaraj Mishra

“Regal Unlimited supports and assists in preparing a trainee coach to build and develop their professional coaching skills and get ready for certification in the Gold Standard of Coaching – ICF. With a good curriculum, excellent resources, a wonderful peer group, and sessions for sharing subject matter experts and preparatory work. It also gives you the right platform to prepare for the certification. I have no hesitation in recommending Regal as the place to partner within their journey to be an ICF Certified coach. Thank you very much, Subash, Rekha, and the rest of the Regal team! ”

– Sunil Prasad Naik

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