Regal Global Webinar on the Coach as Leader by Leon Vanderpol


Topics covered in the webinar

  • Leader As a Coach
  • Organization Evolution
  • Leadership styles
  • Summary
  • Discussion

Publish Date: 07/04/2021


Brief Summary of the Webinar

Regal Unlimited in association with Leon VanderPol hosted a global webinar on Leader as a Coach where Vanderpol talks in depth how Coaches can achieve Transformational Leadership.

Leon Vanderpol is the founder of Centre for Transformational Coaching and has a rich experience in Deep Coaching. He is particularly passionate about human transformation, self-actualization and advancement. Vanderpol has trained many people across the world in Deep Coaching and Transformative Growth process.

This webinar will surely leave you energized to move forward in your transformational journey. In this webinar Vanderpol talks passionately about how we can create workspaces where everyone feels “powered, belonged and engaged and where every opinion matters”. He talks at length how leadership can be transformational in its truest sense and how leaders can be Coaches.

Vanderpol talks about how deeply he was influenced by the book: Reinventing Organizations — A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by Next Stage of Human Consciousness by Frederic Laloux. The organizations have been colour coded from Red to Teal as per their style of functioning in terms of leadership where Red stands for organizations which are autocratic in their leadership styles and Teal stands at the other spectrum where organizations are empathetic, where people matter and are truly evolutionary in nature.

Teal organizations represent a shift in consciousness and Vanderpol discusses in the webinar  how organizations can work towards becoming Teal Organizations. For any organization to become Teal they need to create an ecosystem of Teal leaders.

He also talks about the Coaching continuum i.e. the three types of Coaching styles — Transactional, Developmental and Transformational. Transformational Coach is one who is truly evolved in every aspect of the word and deeply connected to his/her inner being. For a Coach to be truly evolved he/she needs to peel off the layers of the persona created around themselves to connect to their true Self. Transformational Coaches embody higher consciousness and Teal leaders Vanderpol says can create soulful workplaces which work with passion and purpose.

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