Regal Global Webinar on “Coaching, and the art of Uncommon Leadership by Ruchira Chaudhary

Publish Date: 07/04/2021


Brief Summary of the Webinar

This global webinar by Ruchira Chaudhary, a leading executive Coach draws focus on the importance of being a leader as a coach to empower, elevate and help others shine bright  leaving the leadershine brighter too. Ruchira’s book Coaching: The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership by Ruchira Chaudhary actively picks examples from sports, businesses and individuals to highlight how leaders need to imbibe the Coaching mindset to help them not only nurture the next line of leaders but also become great leaders for their organizations.

In this webinar hosted by Regal Unlimited, Ruchira  mentions that it’s not always important for the Coach to know all the answers. It is in fact the ability to question to elicit answers or partner with the client/teams to be able to arrive at an answer, that differentiates an extra ordinary leader-coach She drives home the point how Coaching can help one to be a better version of themselves. Her book, she says is essentially not a book on leadership but the journey of a leader from being a leader to a leader- coach. Coaching, she says, has the power of not only elevating the Self but also helps in maximizing the success of others. She says that she did not know what Coaching was all about when she embarked on this journey. She also mentions how Coaching is hard work  and in order to become one, one should earnestly have the will to change.  An extremely interactive webinar, Ruchira points out that one cannot become a great leader without being a Coach. It is very important for a leader to recognize and accept that he/she does not have all the answers and be willing to seek them externally. She also highlights how when organizations embed a culture of Coaching in their leaders, it sure is bound to have a top down effect. She elaborates on how the 4C model (Clarity, Consciousness, Capability and Confidence) can unleash human potential within Organizations. Ruchira also answers questions on different aspects of Coaching and what it can do for the leaders as well as for the organizations. She wraps up the webinarby saying how Coaching is all about being present in the moment and also being available, understand the reality and bring out the best either in self, individuals or teams.

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