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Corporate Leadership Workshop

We create customized and focused workshops mapping the specific human capital development needs of organisations.

Often, corporate training or workshops are transactional. Executives attend these sessions with enthusiasm but the lessons learnt are forgotten as soon as they are back in their ‘comfort zone’, at work!

Regal Unlimited designs ROI based customized workshops. Our training interventions are based on clear understanding of the expectation of outcome for the client.

Coming from leadership coaching and business management background, our approach to training ensures the holistic and transformational outcome.

Our workshops are focused on outcomes like:

  • Leader as a Coach: Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Leaders
  • Improvement in
    • sales/business numbers
    • customer satisfaction data
    • cost reduction
    • process optimisation
  • Teamwork – Better engagement and collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Work-life integration

A premium leadership development company specialising in coaching, coach training, and mentoring. Our global reach and impact complement our proud Indian heritage.

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